Investing in pioneering and potentially profitable companies, we help to achieve stability on the market. Our client base consists of leading startups, alumni of the major incubators and rising businesses. We obtain necessary financial vehicles to invest into numerous different startups.


Online lending marketplace leveraging machine learning and AI to improve peer to peer lending.


Stolica supplies lease services for both incorporated clients and individuals, including realizing lease property and receiving individual investments.

Smart AI-based identification of safety and machine-trained incidents at construction sites.


Spruce is a digital title insurance agency aiming to reduce title insurance fees and speed up the mortgage closing process through its closing and settlement software platform.

Starsky Robotics

Starsky Robotics are working to make trucks autonomous on the highway and remote controlled by drivers for the first and last mile.


Bloq delivers enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for leading companies worldwide.

Agile Stacks

Agile Stacks provides automated cloud development and deployment services intended to reinvent how enterprises implement clouds.

Mighty AI

Mighty AI helps companies generate accurate, high-quality data sets to train and scale artificial intelligence.

Mode Analytics

Mode Analytics provides online services for analyzing data.