About Us

Who we are

Our aim is to encourage new technologies and ensure the permanent stability for the companies. For this purpose, our funds allocate money in the most perspective businesses, based on innovative ideas and capable of gaining profit. Having sustainable investment tools, we put money into newly-established or developing start-ups in different fields. We have a wide range of clients, including top start-up ventures, up-and-coming companies and alumni of the major incubator.

What we do

We are interested in promoting innovations. By running investments funds, we guarantee the stable performance of perspective startups and developing companies with progressive ideas. We have generated several successful investment tools, which allows us to work with leading venturous companies of any field and invest in promising startups.


Enterprise, Leasing, FinTech, SaaS, InsurTech, Blockchain, DeepTech.

Areas of focus

AI, data & analytics, leasing service, alternative finance, IT infrastructure, business operations, cybersecurity.


Europe, Asia, USA, Russia.